Provides environmental, industrial hygiene, and health and

safety consulting services to government and industry.


Aria Environmental personnel are accredited and licensed to perform asbestos inspections, project designs, air monitoring and analysis in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide the following services:


  • AHERA Inspections
  • AHERA Periodic Surveillance
  • AHERA Reinspections
  • Pre-Renovation Surveys
  • Pre-Demolition Surveys
  • Emergency Response


Project Design/
Specification Development

  • American Institute of Architects
  • National Institute of Building Sciences
  • Unified Facilities Guide Specifications
    Military Design Standards

Risk Management/
Management Planning

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans
  • Hazard Assessment/Corrective Action Plans
  • Fiber Release Episode Response


Project Management

  • Bid Document Development
  • Pre-bid Meetings
    • Contractor Submittal Review
    • Cost Estimation
    • Project Monitoring
  • Onsite Air Sample Analysis/NIOSH 582
    • Project Documentation
    • Regulatory Agency Liaison